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Guidance Counselor:

Ashleigh Hunter


Students check your email Daily! There will be a great deal of information coming from me for you pertaining to dual enrollment, scholarships, graduation requirements, etc.  Our main form of communication for this information will be through email.  You will also want to check your grade level PowerPoint for important information.

You are always welcome to come visit my office and we can work together on your specific needs. 

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There are scholarships available that can add up for the college bound student. Scholarships are offered by most major companies in the U.S. and by every university.  The search for a scholarship can be an overwhelming task, but the time and effort you invest in a scholarship search can pay dividends.

Apply for all scholarships in which you think you may be considered because there are scholarships available that have only a few applicants.  Also, all scholarships have selection criteria such as gender, race, interests, talent, educational plan, parent’s affiliations or financial need.

The Internet can prove very valuable in your efforts to find a match for you. There are companies on the Internet that specialize in matching students to scholarships (advice -- use the free ones).

Most scholarships have very similar applications.  After you have completed one, keep a copy of your information and it will make completing other offers much easier.  Always pay attention to deadlines and the details of the application. Please feel free ask your counselor for additional scholarship information and assistance.