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Guidance Counselor:

Ray Fussell






There are scholarships available that can add up for the college bound student. Scholarships are offered by most major companies in the U.S. and by every university.  The search for a scholarship can be an overwhelming task, but the time and effort you invest in a scholarship search can pay dividends.

Apply for all scholarships in which you think you may be considered because there are scholarships available that have only a few applicants.  Also, all scholarships have selection criteria such as gender, race, interests, talent, educational plan, parent’s affiliations or financial need.

The Internet can prove very valuable in your efforts to find a match for you. There are companies on the Internet that specialize in matching students to scholarships (advice -- use the free ones).

Most scholarships have very similar applications.  After you have completed one, keep a copy of your information and it will make completing other offers much easier.  Always pay attention to deadlines and the details of the application. Please feel free ask your counselor for additional scholarship information and assistance.


Local Scholarships (Given only to ATCO seniors)

--Applications will be available in the spring of 2017 (See Mr. Ray Fussell)
  -Scholarships presented at Honors Night--
Atkinson County Farm Bureau Scholarship -- (2)  *$1000   *Parents must be a member of
                                                                      Farm Bureau.   
Baxley Memorial Scholarship--   *$1000  *Application with short answers.
Class of 1955 Scholarship –-  * $ 500   *Short essay
C.L. Rawls Minority Scholarship –-    *African American student      
D.N. & Beatrice Walker Leadership Scholarship –- *$1000   *Must be one of 5 seniors chosen by the faculty.

Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship -  Must major in Education.  Essay required.

Georgia Hunting and Fishing Federation Scholarship  - a family member must be a memeber of the Atkinson County GHFF Organization  ---  $250

Hal Lankford Memorial Scholarship -- *Essay reguired.   *Two letter of recommendation required.

Harold Hodges Memorial Scholarship --         *Essay required   * $1000   
R. Bird & LaVerte T. Yarbrough Award –-    *$500   *Essay required
Satilla Masonic Scholarship –- *$500  *Preference given to Technical Students.   *Essay required
South Ga College Foundations Scholarships--  *Open to students attending SGC.   Deadline: March 31, 2014      
Satilla REMC Scholarships --  Open to all seniors.  Four $1000 scholarships will be presented to ATCO High seniors. (Deadline: March 14th)
Southern Smiles Scholarship –-  *$1000    *Short essay  

        Deadline to apply for scholarships: 
    Satilla REMC deadline is

Check out this website for scholarships: 
   ** Andrew College will offer a scholarship to a select number of high school seniors, who desire to pursue a degree in sport management. The scholarship will be in the amount of $5800 and renewed in their sophmore year, if the program requirements are completed. The students will work with the coaches of different athletic teams throughout the year. 

 Ralph Chambless

 Andrew College

 Sport Management Coordinator

 Work Phone-(229) 732-5907

 Cell Phone-(229) 886-5665

**Suntrust Off To College Scholarship Sweepstakes
--  Open to Seniors
--  Enter online   --
 **Sussle Scholarship
-- Open to seniors
-- U.S. Citizen
-- $1000 every month
-- Deadline: Last day of each month
-- Apply online:
** "Aspiring Animation Professional" Scholarship Program
-- Open to seniors
-- $1000
-- Interested in pursuing an animation career path 
**  Next Nursing Leaders Scholarship - 

-- Awarded by the traveling nurse organization.

-- $1000 awarded annually (Dec 17th) to students who may be interested in pursing a career in nursing and that are currently accepted or enrolled in any college program

**Health Care Professions Scholarship -

-- Awarded by this Locum Tenens organization.

-- $1000 awarded annually (Dec 17th)  to students interested in pursing a career in any health care related profession and that are currently accepted or enrolled in any college program

--  Essay required.
--  Open to senior student athletes.
--  Deadline: 
**   2018 FRS College Scholarship Program
-- Sponsored by Plant Telecommunications.
-- Open to all seniors.
--  Apply online :
--  Deadline:   
 **  GDA David Skinner Scholarship
--Students who are pursuing an education in Agriculture.
--Deadline:   May 7, 2018
Use the following site for several other scholarships:


High School Counseling - Careers


Occupational Outlook Handbook


The Occupational Outlook Handbook gives valuable information to help people when making decisions about their future work lives. The handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions; the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations.


Georgia Career Information System


The Georgia Career Information Center, through its Georgia Career Information System (GCIS), provides current and accurate occupational and educational information to schools and agencies throughout Georgia in order to help young people and adults make informed career choices.
User ID: atkinsonchs


Password: gcis1133




Georgia Department of Labor

Find out about education and training programs in Georgia, as well as sources of financial assistance for them. Although the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) does not directly operate training programs, it works closely with many partners who offer training and education programs. Career Advisors can provide information about education and training resources that can help customers meet their employment goals.


Career One Stop


Access over 1 million jobs, get labor market trends and tips, post your resume for thousands of employers, locate training sources, explore distance learning, find information on financial aid, assistance with educational decisions, and much more.


ASVAB Career Exploration Program


This program is designed to help students learn more about themselves and the world of work, identify and explore potentially satisfying occupations, and develop an effective strategy to realize their goals


Helping students plan, apply, and pay for college.

The one-stop shop