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The Snow Flake Activity
Posted On:
Thursday, January 09, 2020

The Snow Flake Activity

In ice crystals, water molecules line up and form a six-sided shape called a hexagon. This is why all snowflakes are six-sided! ... This shapes each snowflake differently. Two snowflakes from the same cloud will have different sizes and shapes because of their different journeys to the ground.

Mrs. Holton's students participated in the snowflake activity to show that just like Snowflakes we are all different but beautiful!  Each of us have special gifts and talents and when we come together it is perfect!  Each student we teach is like a snowflake....each different in their own special way because of the different journey that they take.  Snowflakes fall to the ground and students rise to meet our expectations.  Remember this holiday season be a Snowflake!  Celebrate your differences and allow your talents to shine!  

Merry Christmas ATCO!

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