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Virtual Parent Teacher Conference via Google Meet Feb 9 3:30-6:00 


Parents of bus riding students should contact the Atkinson County Transportation & Maintenance Dept. at (912) 422-7317 if they have concerns about which bus they will ride.


The syllabi for all classes are under development.  As we are using Edgenuity, we are integrating it so that if we have to shut down due to the pandemic, students will be able to continue working from home.  We will be using the Edgenuity platform, Google Classroom and traditional sources and methods.

We will read, write and research in traditional areas, exploring all genres of literature and critical thinking -- we will also have fun.  I look forward to being with you; it is an honor to teach you.


Your schedules are available in Infinite campus.

Welcome to the New School Year  

Hello parents and students.  You can see my Welcome Video in the Links section of this page, or simply follow this link:

As you know, this is a trying time, and your education is no less important than any other time.  We at Atkinson County High School are committed to bringing you the highest quality education possible under the circumstances.  Remember, your education is largely dependent on you; one can go to the finest school in the world and walk out uneducated, and a committed learner can, with some good resources and serious effort, become as educated as the best students in the best schools.  My goal as your English teacher is to help you develop your language and critical thinking skills.