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"Let Us Lead By Serving Others."
The motto of The National Beta Club is "Let Us Lead By Serving Others." This motto, more than simply a catchy phrase, states the philosophy upon which The National Beta Club is based. Service to others is indeed one of the most important characteristics of Beta Club membership. Opportunities to serve are found in every school and community situation, whether large or small-urban, suburban or rural. There are needs that could and should be addressed by Beta members in every school and community.
The National Beta Club has been encouraging and developing leadership skills in America's youth since 1934. The ability to lead creates the conditions that enable others to be as productive and successful as they can be. One who is able to lead is able to accomplish extraordinary things by employing and maximizing their own strengths. The commitment to lead is vital in the establishment and defining of goals. A true leader is able to inspire trust, resolve conflicts, motivate others to their highest achievement, and most importantly be of service to others. Leadership skills can be learned and developed.